Knowing you can be obssessive with your creative process, you decided to discipline yourself and handle your daily responsibilities ***before*** using the computer for [[*fun time*.|Torn]]{<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('rest')" /></div> (set:$pTime to it +10) It takes you a few minutes to get ready for bed. (if:$hours is 11)[You're pleased with your self-discipline, since it's only $watch and you're heading to *Dream World*.](elseif:$hours is (either:0,1))[You *could've* rested earlier. At least at $watch it's not *too late*.](elseif:$hours > 1 and it < 3)[It's now $watch! People usually come home drunk at this hour! Get some sleep!](else:)[Was it really worth staying up till $watch? *Probably*. Now try to get at least *some* sleep before you have to start the day again.](if:(history:) contains "FinalPage")[<br/><br/>*Later you can obssessively check if someone played out your story!*] <br/><br/> [[Good Night]]. }{(display:"CreateBG") Time flies when you are [[having fun!|Create02]] (set:$pTime to it +33)} {<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('forum')" /></div>(set:$pTime to it +5) As you reach the Twine forum, your attention is drawn to a thread: <br/><br/>***Super Sudden Surprise Challenge: Harlowe 1,000***. <br/><br/>But time is ticking; it's now $watch..(if:$hours < 11)[ *and you're eyelids are feeling heavier by the minute.*]<br/> <br/>[[Stay focused on what you came for.|Focus]] <br/>[[Read the exciting thread.|SuperChallenge01]] }{(display:"ChallengeBG") (set:$pTime to it +10) <em>This looks really interesting! A competition? I wonder if **I** could come up with something for this...</em><br/> <br/>[[*Okay, I'll just work on it a little while*|MoreWork]] <br/>[[Are you kidding? It's $watch Get some sleep!|Rest]] } {(display:"CreateBG") (set:$pTime to it +28) After resolving the issue, you furthered your project.<br/><br/> You're pretty tired now, since it's $watch<br/> <br/>Maybe you should [[go to bed?|Rest]]<br/> <br/>Then again, that [[Super Sudden Challenge|SuperChallenge01]] thread looked intriguing. }{(if:$pTime > 1440)[(set:$pTime to $pTime - 1440)](set:$hours to (floor:$pTime / 60))(set:$minutes to ($pTime % 60))(if:$hours > 12)[(set:$hours to $hours - 12)](if:$hours is 0)[12](else:)[$hours]:(if:$minutes < 10)[0$minutes](else:)[$minutes](if:$pTime < 720)[ a.m.](else:)[ p.m.]}{<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('search')" /></div>You start by [[googling your problem...|Google02]] (set:$pTime to it +23) }{<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('browse')" /></div> The internet is a bottomless pit of things [[to look at.|Browse02]] (set:$pTime to it +37)}<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('dream')" /></div><div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('tw-story').removeClass().addClass('dream')" /></div> =><= <h1>(text-style:"fade-in-out")[GOOD NIGHT!!]</h1>{ <div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('intro')" /></div><div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('tw-story').removeClass().addClass('main')" /></div> } =><= { [[*It's late again!*|LateNight]] }It's $watch, and you're torn between having an *early night*, or adding to your ever growing Twine story. [[Be responsible. Rest!|Rest]] [[A short creative stint won't hurt.|Create]]{<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('moreWork')" /></div> You grab yourself another cup of coffee and click on the +Story button. The sky's the (link:"limit!")[limit! <br/><br/> (link:"Suddenly...")[Suddenly... perhaps for the first time in a long while, you experience a total [[mental block...|MentalBlock]]]] } {(set:$lastNumber to it -1) (set:$pTime to it +1)(set:$mentalblock to it +1)(if:$mentalblock is 1)[So you try to think as hard as you can...<br/><br/>](display:"StoryIdeas")(if:$solution is false)[(if:$mentalblock >5)[<br/><br/>This is taking (if:$mentalblock <15)[a while...](elseif:$mentalblock >14 and it <25)[**ages**...](elseif:$mentalblock >24)[(text-style:"shudder")[**FOREVER!**]]]](if:$solution is false)[<br/><br/>[[It's $watch (either:"and I still have no real ideas!","and nothing convinces me!","and time keeps ticking","and I'm still stuck!")|MentalBlock]]](else:)[<br/><br/>[[Okay, let's do this!|MoreWork02]]] }{(set:$ideas to (random:1,$lastNumber))(if:$ideas is 10)[* RPG about wizards and dragons?...hmmm. How many times has that been done?*](elseif:$ideas is 7)[* about: guy meets girl, falls in love, and finds out she's his cousin's wife... nah, might be a bit too <strong>risqué</strong>...*](elseif:$ideas is 4)[*...a secret conspiracy in the government... well... I doubt I could do that in 1000 words!*](elseif:$ideas is 1)[(text-style:"fade-in-out")[**Hey, I got it!**] *How about a story about the <strong>Super Sudden Surprise Challenge?!</strong> I think I'll go with THAT!*(set:$solution to true)](elseif:$ideas is 9)[*...let's see... once upon a time... or... there once was a... nah, I need ideas... quickly!*](elseif:$ideas is 6)[...*what about a meeting with a homeless stranger on the street that turns out to be full of wisdom and saves the player's life? ...sounds good, but for now I need something more simple...*] (else:)[(set:$noideas to (random:1,4))(if:$noideas is 1)[...*I need to think harder!*](elseif:$noideas is 2)[C'mon!! THINK THINK THINK!](elseif:$noideas is 3)[...*I wish I could generate more ideas*...](elseif:$noideas is 4)[*I thought I was a creative person!*]] }<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('moreWork02')" /></div> You type for hours till *THE CHALLENGE* takes shape code and all... An output of the last paragraph of your story reads: <div class="finalStory">$compText...</div> All that's left is your [[final touch]]... (set:$pTime to it +157)<img class="imgElf" src="challengeImg/elf.jpg"/> You're pretty sure [[he doesn't look like that!|Focus]] (set:$pTime to it -7)30+ minutes of creative genius... and you're faced with a technical problem you can't resolve. [[Google the answer.|Google]] [[Check the Twine Forum.|TwineForum01]] [[Browse the internet.|Browse]] [[It's $watch Go to bed!|Rest]] (set:$pTime to it +10) (set:$userText to (prompt:"Finish the final paragraph: realise that...")) It reads: <div class="finalStory">$compText $userText</div> [[You re-write it.|final touch]] You publish it on the [[Twine forum...|FinalPage]]... you go from place to place, and after reading a few different sites, you discover that many links point to the [[Twine Forum.|Google03]]Time quickly goes by, but that insatiable desire to work on *something Twine* [[keeps haunting you.|Browse03]]...better use your time searching for an answer to your problem, given that it's now $watch (link:"Search Google properly")[(set:$browsed to true)(goto:"Google")] (link:"Go to the Twine Forum")[(set:$browsed to true)(goto:"TwineForum01")] (display:"ChallengeBG") ***Uploaded and DONE!*** It's $watch and you can barely think straight! (text-color:"red")[*Eyes blood shot...*] [[you drag yourself to bed...|Rest]]**It's $watch!** (link:"You should've gone there to begin with!")[(set:$google to true)(goto:"TwineForum01")] (live: 2s)[(text-style: "shudder")[***Arrgh!!***](stop:)]<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('create')" /></div><div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('start')" /></div><div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('tw-story').removeClass().addClass('start')" /></div> =><= {(text-style:"rumble")[<h1>THE CHALLENGE!</h1>]<div class="startButton">(text-style:"fade-in-out")[[[START!|Intro]]]</div>(set: $pTime to 1397)(set:$google to false)(set:$twineForum to false)(set:$solution to false)(set:$watch to (display:"watch"))(set:$compText to " soon as you finish typing you realise that")(set:$userText to "")(set:$lastNumber to 31) }{(set:$pTime to it +7) **You know what you want!** <br/><br/> Using the tags and search functions of the forum, you find a few threads that appear to have the solution you need. <br/><br/> You noticed that a few users excel in being helpful. Particularly, someone going by [[greyelf|GreyElf]] has provided the solution you're looking for. <br/> <br/>[[Use the info to improve your project.|WorkProject]] <br/>[[Check out that *Challenge* thread.|SuperChallenge01]] }<div style="display:none;"><img src="!@#$" onerror="$('body').removeClass().addClass('challenge')" /></div>