{(text-style:"blurrier")[<h1>Destiny</h1>]} =><= {<div class="introCount">[[live it fully!|Intro]]</div> (set:$shockerMessage to "Today is the last day you'll ever live!")(set:$pName to "my friend")(set:$mostMissedCombo to "$mostMissed, my $mostMissedRelation")(set:$secondMissedCombo to "$secondMissed, my $secondMissedRelation")(set:$loveTitle to (array:"TO LOVE IS TO LIVE","To love is to live","to love is to live"))(set:$probability to 2) }<div class="narrative">Although last night you were up late writing and programming a short interactive story for a forum challenge, you woke up in time to [[head off to work|Work]].</div>{<div class="narrative">Taking a short-cut, you spot a rugged, homeless-looking man sitting on the side of the pavement.</div><div class="choices"><div class="pThoughts">(link:"What's this bum doing here?")[(set:$bum to true)(goto:"StayCourse")]</div><tw-link class="pThoughts">(link:"I could give him a few coins.")[(set:$coins to true)(goto:"StayCourse")]</tw-link><div class="pThoughts">[[I'd better cross the road!|CrossRoad]]</div></div> }{(set:$accident to (random:1,$probability))<div class="narrative">You speedily cross the road... (if:$bum is true)[trying to avoid eye contact with that derelict character.](elseif:$lunatic is true)[getting as far away as possible from that lunatic!](elseif:$busyness is 1)[since your boss will probably kill you for arriving late!][[ That's when it hits you...|Finale]]</div>} {<div class="narrative">You stay the course(if:$bum is true)[ and hold your breath as you attempt to walk passed the vagabond.](if:$coins is true)[, coins in hand, ready to drop a donation onto the stranger's palm.] As you approach, you're surprised to see him get up, look straight into your eyes and move quickly towards you!</div><div class="choices">(if: $coins is true)[<div class="pAction">[[Quickly return the coins to your pocket!|GrabArm]]</div><div class="pAction">(link:"Smile and give him your spare change.")[(set:$probability to it +1)(goto:"GrabArm")]</div>]<div class="pAction">[[Look the other way and cross the road.|CrossRoad]]</div><div class="pAction">[[Act as if you forgot something and do a u-turn.|Uturn]]</div></div>(set:$probability to it +1) }{(live:4s)[<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">Hey! I'm not going to hurt you!! PLEASE!!!</div></div>(stop:)]<div class="narrative">(if:$scream is 1)[You belt out a screeching sound as loud as you can calling for help!](else:)[You play dumb, quickly do a 180%, and walk off briskly...](live:7s)[ The desperation in the man's voice leaves you bewildered.</div><div class="choices"><div class="pAction">[[Quickly cross the road and get rid of him!|CrossRoad]]</div>(if:$scream is 0)[<div class="pAction">[[Turn back and find out what he wants.|GrabArm]]</div>](else:)[<div class="pAction">[[You stop screaming.|Sorry]]</div>](stop:)]</div>(set:$probability to it -1)}{<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">$shockerMessage</div></div><div class="narrative">The bearded wanderer leaps forward and grabs you by the arm!</div><div class="choices"><div class="pAction">[[Push him away and cross the road!|CrossRoad]]</div>(live:1s)[(set:$startTime to it +1)(if:$startTime > 8 and it < 15)[(text-style:"shudder")[<div class="pAction">(link:"Quickly scream for help!")[(set:$scream to 1)(goto:"Uturn")]</div>]](elseif:$startTime is 17)[<div class="pSpeech">[[Hey, stop!|Sorry]]</div>(stop:)]]</div>(set:$lunatic to true) } {<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">It's very important you listen to me, $pName!</div></div><div class="narrative">He releases his grip and reveals a gentle smile.</div><div class="choices"><div class="pSpeech">[[I don't even know you! Leave me alone!|CrossRoad]]</div><div class="pSpeech">[[Who are you? Why did you grab me like that?!|SageExplains]]</div></div>(set:$probability to it +1) } {(if:$thisPassageVisited is 0)[(set:$pName to (prompt:"I'm Gary, what's your name?"))(set:$thisPassageVisited to 1)]<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">$pName(if:$crazy is 0)[, listen carefully....](if:$crazy is 1)[! I'm not crazy! This is serious!] Your destiny is being played out right now!(if:$crazy is 1)[ PLEASE!!] Tell me, if you were to die this very day, who'd you miss most?</div></div><div class="choices"><div class="pSpeech">[[I'm not telling you anything! See you later!|CrossRoad]]</div>(if:$crazy is 0)[<div class="pSpeech">(link:"This is crazy!")[(set:$crazy to 1)(goto:"SageExplains")]</div>](if:$crazy is 1)[<div class="pSpeech">[[Fine, let's say you're not crazy...|FirstMostMissed]]</div>]<div class="pThoughts">[[Hmmm. Let me think...|FirstMostMissed]]</div></div>(set:$probability to it +1) } {(set:$mostMissed to (prompt:"The name of who I'd miss most is..."))(set:$mostMissedRelation to (prompt:"That person is my..."))<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">Okay, so most of all, you'd miss $mostMissed, your $mostMissedRelation. Are you sure?</div></div><div class="choices"><div class="pThoughts">[[Not quite.|FirstMostMissed]]</div><div class="pSpeech">[[I'm sure.|SecondMostMissed]]</div></div>(set:$probability to it +1) }{<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">(if:$thisOtherPassageVisited is 0)[Who else would you most regret not seeing again? This is important!](if:$thisOtherPassageVisited is 1)[Stay focused!!](if:$busyness is 1)[ It's bad business being busy with busyness! Better become bent on bettering your best! (live:7s)[SERIOUSLY!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!(stop:)]]</div></div><div class="choices">(if:$thisOtherPassageVisited is 0)[<div class="pSpeech">[[I don't like where this is heading...|SecondMostMissed]]</div>(set:$thisOtherPassageVisited to 1)](if:$busyness is 0)[<div class="pSpeech">(link:"I don't have time for this. I'm late for work!")[(set:$busyness to 1)(goto:"SecondMostMissed")]</div>](if:$busyness is 1)[<div class="pSpeech">[[No! I REALLY have to go RIGHT NOW!! BYE!!|CrossRoad]]</div>] <div class="pSpeech">[[Well, let's see...|AnswerSecondMostMissed]]</div></div> (set:$lunatic to false)}{(set:$secondMissed to (prompt:"Another person I'd miss is..."))(set:$secondMissedRelation to (prompt:"That person is my..."))<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">So, you'd most miss $mostMissed, your $mostMissedRelation. And you'd also regret not seeing $secondMissed, your $secondMissedRelation. Are you sure? It's important you answer honestly...</div></div><div class="choices"><div class="pThoughts">[[This is crazy, I'm out'a here!|CrossRoad]]</div><div class="pSpeech">[[I'm sure!|TakeAction]]</div><div class="pThoughts">[[I should change that second person|AnswerSecondMostMissed]]</div><div class="pThoughts">(link:"Let's start again...")[(set:$thisOtherPassageVisited to 0)(goto:"FirstMostMissed")]</div></div>(set:$probability to it +1)}{<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">We don't have much time... pull out a pen and paper and write down the following lesson at the top of the page...(live: 7s)[ (print:$loveTitle's 1st)](live: 16s)[ Have you written it down yet?]</div></div><div class="choices">(live: 19s)[<div class="pSpeech">[[Look, I don't have time for this! I'm leaving!|CrossRoad]]</div><div class="pSpeech">[[Yes! now what?|SecondAction]]</div>]</div>(set:$busyness to 1)} {<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">Under that... write: Contact $mostMissedCombo today! Contact $secondMissedCombo today!(live:10s)[ [[Show me!|ThirdAction]](stop:)]</div></div><div class="narrative">He reaches out to grab the piece of paper from your hands...</div>(set:$probability to it +1)}{<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">Let's see.. (live:3s)[Good!(stop:)]</div></div><div class="notepadList">(print:$loveTitle's 1st)<br/>Contact $mostMissedCombo, today!<br/>Contact $secondMissedCombo, today!</div><div class="choices"><div class="pSpeech">[[What's the point of all this?|FinalAction]]</div></div>} {<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">Listen carefully, $pName! **Before** you do any other tasks, you need to contact those two people in a positive way.(live:8s)[ I'm serious!](live:12s)[ Call them, text them, email them...](live:16s)[ Send them a message via pigeon if you have to!](live:19s)[ BUT YOU MUST CONTACT THEM!]</div></div>(live:20s)[<div class="narrative"> He shoves the paper into your trouser pocket and grabs onto you [[once more!|Lesson]](stop:)</div>]}{(set:$lesson to (prompt:"I won't let you go till you tell me what the lesson is! WHAT IS IT?"))<div class="sageFace"></div><div class="sageSpeech"><div class="sageBubble">(if:$loveTitle contains $lesson)[Perfect! Don't forget it...(live:3s)[ ever!](live:5s)[ Put it into practice!!](live:7s)[ Every day!](live:9s)[ Your [[destiny|Disappear]] depends on it!!(stop:)]](else:)[ You're not taking this seriously!! [[Check your paper again!|ThirdAction]]]</div></div>}{<div class="narrative">Before you can reply...(live:3s)[<br/><br/>...you suddenly notice he's gone...(stop:)](live:7s)[<br/><br/>(text-style:"fade-in-out")[Vanished!](stop:)] (live:15s)[<br/><br/>Even though you're still in(text-style:"shudder")[ shock ], you [[head to work.|CrossRoad]](stop:)]</div>(set:$probability to it +1)}{(if:$accident is 2)[<div class="narrative">... a speeding car you didn't see coming! (live:5s)[<br/><br/>Your memories flash before your eyes...](if:(history:)contains"Disappear")[(live:10s)[<br/><br/>...and you wish you had learned Gary's lesson earlier and lived every day [[fully!|End]]]](else:)[(live:10s)[<br/><br/>...and you wish you had another day to [[live fully!|End]]]]</div>](elseif:(history:)contains"Disappear")[<div class="pThoughts">[[Now I understand what he meant by "$shockerMessage" Every day is "today", so it's always the last day of my life... and I need to live it fully!|End]]</div>](else:)[<div class="narrative">...if you hadn't taken the short-cut, you [[never|End]] would have seen that guy!</div>]}(text-style:"blurrier")[<h1>THE END!</h1>]